divendres, 23 d’octubre de 2009


La policia de Nigèria en l'operació anomenada "Eagle Claw"ha tancat 800 llocs web falses, i els membres detinguts han estat 18.
La investigació es va realitzar amb la cooperació de Microsoft, per ajudar a desenvolupar la tecnologia de programari intel ligent capaç de detectar els correus electrònics fraudulents.


The Chinese government's 'Go Rural' program offers subsidies up to 13 percent for rural residents who purchase approved nettops or netbooks. The systems come with a version of Red Flag Linux built on the Moblin stack. Along with Internet access, the software is said to provide apps for crop and livestock management, farm production marketing, remote office access/automation, and even online tour and hotel booking systems. Of course, Windows dominates the China market, and if traditional patterns hold, about 30 percent of these subsidized systems could ultimately wind up re-installed with Windows.